2017 Early Bird CSA Sign-up

february-262008-091We hope everyone is enjoying the mild winter. We have been catching up with family and pushing forward with developing our work in society with facilitation and Holistic Management trainings through the Agrarian Learning Center.  Days are getting longer, our last winter CSA distribution is this week, and planting for the spring is under way. Time to start thinking of the coming season.

Community has been very much on our minds lately. We have been fortunate to connect with many thoughtful and caring people through farming. Kids we have met through the markets and CSA come by and visit, or come work for part of the year when they can. Customers and former CSA members and old crew members keep in touch, sharing the changes in their lives. Young farmers collaborate with us in new ways on bigger projects they are taking on. We come to a continually deeper appreciation of our place, our physical home, and the people who animate it. That face to face connection cuts through so much that we shelter behind, sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Consequences are available to see, the truth we physicalise. It also exposes us to be seen, to share each other. That humaness is what moves us, and the fullness of experiencing it can be surprising. But that connection seems to be at the root of what the world is calling forth now.

We are collaborators. We bring forth our generations in care. What we do we can do because of those who came before us and who hold us up now. All little babies once, now we see our nature realized in loving association with our equals in freedom.

As farmers, we hope to be your agents. We want to share in your subsistence and connect with the power of the community of life to strengthen the place that feeds you. That place is ours, too. Our path to place has brought us to our knees. There we feel what we are made of- the bodies drawn out of the earth of our home, and the sunlight falling on the green mantle that powers our work and stirs our thoughts. Our kids are made of this place. Our community is made of this place.

When we walk here, we can see the impact of our shared intention, and more importantly of our shared deeds. The harrier can be here now. There is enough life. The community that has emerged in this place is stronger because we act together to meet our needs, to express our true nature.

This is the time of the year we recognize, very modestly, the importance for our farm that people hold it. We offer a $25 discount to previous year CSA members who join and pay before equinox, March 20th.

This is also the time of year when we welcome new members for the season. Every year we have a limited number of new memberships available on a first come first serve basis.  We are always happy to speak with you over the phone and answer questions you might have as you are considering joining us.  We are also happy to meet you in person at the farm by appointment if you would like to visit.

Sign up forms are at the website- littleseedgardens.com.

We hope you will join us for another year of sharing the wonderful produce of this place and the company of the people who make our community a celebration. Looking forward to visiting with you soon, -Willy and Claudia


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