CSA shares- 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bother joining Little Seed’s CSA?  Members enjoy being part of and contributing to the farm community.  They enjoy visiting the farm and seeing the season unfold each week.  Many people find that they make new healthy habits when they sign up for 22 weeks of vegetables.  Members feel pride in being part of the solution – by supporting a farm that practices regenerative agriculture.  Most of all the food is so fresh and delicious! Oh and baby cows too!

Do you grow everything on the farm? Yes, everything is grown right on the farm here in Chatham, NY.

How big is a share? 7-10 items per week.  An item would be like a bunch of greens, a quart of tomatoes, a pound of green beans- etc- similar to grocery store portions.

What if I can’t make pick up?  You can have a friend pick up and use your share if you are out of town or just let us know in advance and we can pack your share for pick up later in the week.  Full shares are priced to miss a few and still be a good deal.  Unclaimed shares go to food pantries like Long Table Harvest and members enjoy being able to share the bounty with those in need when they are on vacation.

What if I don’t want something? We offer a great variety of items over the season and lots of items to choose from.  In addition, we set up a trade box each week and members swap items as needed.

Are there activities during pick up? Members are welcome to tour the farm.  We love to have children explore the farm and usually have someone who will visit with kids while adults gather their share.  Many members like to relax and hang out on the farm during distribution when the weather is nice.  We have play spaces for kids.  Pick your own flowers are part of the share from late July until mid October and members enjoy gathering their own bouquets. We sometimes have tastings or events in late summer and early fall for members.




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