2019 CSA Sign-up

Little Seed CSA sign up– February 2, 2019

We are getting ready for polar vortex- plowed out, fuel tanks all filled, bunks full of feed, firewood bin topped up. We are plugging away at the paperwork- annual review, business plan, calendars, protocols and manuals, inventories and orders. We are starting plugs in the greenhouses and preparing field tunnels for first seedings.

Amazingly, we are beginning our twenty fifth season of growing organic produce in the Hudson Valley. When I step back and look at the state of agriculture and reflect on our own experience, I am grateful that our farm has even survived these last twenty five years. It is a little perplexing to me that we are still so completely engaged in this little farm and that we are still so exited in the spring to see what it will bring to us.

February marks a shift in the living calendar from deep winter to Imbolc- midway between solstice (shortest day) and equinox (equal day and night)- the stirring of the seeds. Time to make something of this year of life. The building power of the sun compels us to use the opportunity of Little Seed to celebrate what is most important- care, respect for life, connection, learning, collaboration. We all have to eat to offer our gifts to the world. How we get our food is our largest impact on the living world, which makes and protects us and gives meaning to the pattern of our lives.

Twenty five years is long enough to see the transformational  power a community’s choices make on a part of their world. The small part of the living world where we farm is more alive than when we got here because people nearby bother about it. They go out of their way to pick up their produce at short, specific times, use foods that they may have never encountered before, pay in advance, eat seasonally, weigh it, bag it, cook it themselves. And that makes a difference, not just in allowing some community capacity to grow more nutritious food that has positive impacts on ecosystem health, or helping provide food to the emergency food system, or supporting models of commerce that strengthen economic circularity and community resilience. It also gives groundedness and home. Capacity and continuity built upon long and intimate connection, observation and care- place, right here- to be with what we want for our communities and lives.

We hope you join us for another season of delicious organic produce grown with care here at home. A sign- up sheet is enclosed and on the website http://www.littleseedgardens.com June is coming- let’s get ready-

Please call or email if you have questions or concerns.

Willy & Claudia

PHONE: 518-392-0063

EMAIL: littleseedgardens@yahoo.com


*If you would like to see a daily picture as the season gears up follow us on instagram @littleseedgardens


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