The Farm

Little Seed Gardens is a 97 acre family run farm in the town of Chatham in Columbia County, situated on rich bottomlands at the confluence of two creeks. Farmers, Claudia Kenny and Willy Denner and their two children, tend vegetables, cover crops and pasture. We are committed to agricultural practices that protect land and human resources, build biological diversity, and produce quality food for our local communities. Our food is grown without synthetic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. Little Seed Gardens is certified organic by N.O.F.A. NY. As farmers we work to sustain the land for future generations.

Protecting Our Ecosystems

Little Seed answers the growing demand for food that is real. In contrast to the homogenous products of today’s mega farms, our customers enjoy vibrant produce that expresses the variety of our seasons. Our customers are assured they are buying food grown for concern for their health and for the health of the farm ecosystem. We hope you will find nourishment and culinary delight in our produce.

Our Logo and Farm Name

We named our farm Little Seed Gardens in honor of the tiny miracle of the seed, divine pattern. In the darkness of the earth the seed is awakened… Our logo, (drawn by Willy) honors the crow, our most constant companion in the garden.

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